A business game changer is a visionary … someone who alters business strategy to conceive an entirely new business plan.

Disrupt Your Industry to Build Your Brand.

Our Fearless path from Startup to Global Brand

Sean and Thora Dowdell | Entrepreneurs | Public Speakers | Authors

This power couple who has been married since 1998, using their dedication to disruption through innovation and standardization, has pioneered a newfound standard in the tattoo and piercing industry. Sean and Thora Dowdell have worked together to grow Club Tattoo into a multimillion-dollar brand.

Their inspiring book, BRAND RENEGADES (2021), will give you an inside look at how they have balanced personal and business partnership roles, overcome many hurdles and failures while achieving success building their business into a “brand”. You will learn about keys to marketing success, understanding your competition and creating value with your brand, always leaving it better than you found it. How being a strong leader and harnessing the power of your passion can drive your vision to the next level of success.

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Be sure to check out TATTOOED MILLIONAIRE

Another book (2017) written by Sean Dowdell, to learn more about the renegade mindset that can be a valuable tool in making your company or next brilliant idea into a million-dollar empire. Sean and Thora Dowdell are not stopping, as Business Game Changers, they continue to invest in, and develop businesses in other categories, mentoring fellow entrepreneurs and speak publicly across the world.

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Business Game Changers are those who switch things up and form new business strategies in order to compete directly or indirectly with competitors!

Sean and Thora Dowdell became Business Game Changers by transforming an entire industry and brand concept in the untapped tattoo industry. This power couple have been working side-by-side for over 20 years and became titans of the tattoo and piercing industry creating a business model worth $30 million dollars. Today, they support growing companies with innovative business strategies in their speaking and consulting business.

Business Game Changers Will Teach You How To:

  • Create market-intelligence by understanding how to become innovative and disrupt an industry
  • Become a better leader who is both tough and sensitive to others.
  • Understand the value of serving a cause that’s outside of your own personal gain.
  • Master inward-focused strategies to become outward-focused on building a strong team
  • Become quick to adopt change and fast to implement.
  • Leverage powerful business relationships.Grow your business income to become highly profitable and scalable.

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