You Have to Understand That Money Doesn’t Solve All of Your Problems

Thora and I own 15 different companies. Our largest is Club Tattoo which is a luxury tattoo and piercing studio chain that we established in 1995. We currently have 6 studios in Arizona and on the Las Vegas Strip including locations in The Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes, The LINQ Hotel & Casino, Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops, and on... Read More

Be Powerful Leaders, Not Bosses

When Club Tattoo was founded in 1995, we started with the naïveté of most business owners. Over time, through many failures, we realized that our passion, drive, and work ethic have fueled our enduring success and been the saving grace behind our chain of luxury studios.   Integrating these qualities into the fabric of our business model prevented us from quitting... Read More

Here’s Why You Should Always Take that Meeting

Let’s go back to 2007 for a moment. We were starting to get international attention with Club Tattoo through our collaborations with Etnies shoes and our business partnership with longtime friend Chester Bennington. It was time to bring our company to the next level, and we wanted to invest in our brand. We weren’t sure what this meant, however,... Read More

Plan for Failure on Your Road to Success

The quality that separates success from failure is the ability to keep moving forward in the face of failure — or even many failures. We speak from experience when it comes from overcoming failure. For every success we’ve had in our business, there are probably 10 failures to go with it. We’re not ashamed of that in the least. We’ve come... Read More

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