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If you are starting your own business or you have been in business for a period of time you need to check in with your branding.  When it comes to business branding is everything.  Branding is not so much about what you say it is…branding is what your customers say you are.  So here is the question:  “What do your customers say about your brand?”  Have you literally asked them?  Or are you like the majority of business owners who just assume they know how the customer feels about your brand.  Branding is going to happen whether you are intentional or not.  One wrong incident with the wrong influential customer and your branding is going to go down a wrong direction.  It is best to be intentional about your brand.  If there is someone who knows how to overcome all the obstacles when it comes to branding it is The Tattooed Millionaire Sean Dowdell founder of Club Tattoo and he joins us on this episode of A New Direction.

Branding, Marketing, Partnerships and Business – Branding RenegadesSean Dowdell and his wife Thora have written Brand Renegades which is not only a phenomenal story of success when it comes to entrepreneurship, but also weaves great practical wisdom that any business can use to build their brand and grow their business.   Upon request from several listeners we spend a great deal of time talking about how to have the right business partner, and avoid the wrong business partner.  We also dig into the customer perception and developing your niche and passion.  Brand Renegades is a book that you will want to have on your shelf.  It will be a great reference tool and also it will inspire you to know that in your ups and downs of being an entrepreneur you are not alone.  You can learn more about Sean and Thora by going to Club Tattoo.

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