My name is Sunny Barrett, and I am the founder and lead designer of Always Sunny Design in Alberta, Canada. We are a design house that began as a floral design company, into a destination floral company, and now an event design house. I want to share our story with you because we have been inspired and it has thus elevated our business exponentially!

This time last year, Thora and Sean Dowdell of Game Changers came on board to guide our company in the direction of branded growth. We began implementing suggestions and recommendations made at our first boutique wedding show in downtown Calgary. There was a direction for our team, branding recognition, marketing strategy, sales plan, and follow-up campaign. It all came together beautifully, and we experienced our most productive year thus far!

There was also a game plan set for goals to reach in 2018, and I am happy to report we have implemented them and are even exceeding some with the strength and support from Thora giving us the confidence to step outside our comfort zone. Our company is branded beautifully, we have an all-new site, a strong team has formed, and our marketing materials are on point to name a few. A year ago she asked if I would consider offering event design, and I was fairly quick to respond no, but after some time to research and reflect, I can see this is where our full potential truly lies. This past year has been a huge year of personal and business reflection to recognize and grow our strengths, so our company will evolve and thrive in the best way possible. I will be honest; it is a lot of work, takes an enormous amount of dedication, it is nerve-wracking and stressful, but I have the utmost confidence in the guidance of Game Changers, and we are successfully running full force forward!

Thank you, Thora and Sean!!

Sunny Barrett
Designer | Founder
Always Sunny Design